Ian Somerhalder in “Years of Living Dangerously Trailer #2” [x]

   Get to know me meme: [2/3] Celebrity Crushes

Ian Somerhalder

"How to be discreet 2" starring Ian Somerhalder (x)

Anonymous asked: can you do a gif hunt from Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert?

Since I’m an Ian Somerhalder blog, I only plan on doing gif hunts with him in them, but here are some links to other lovely gif hunts of Nina as Elena:

Although this wasn’t exactly what you wanted, I hope it was helpful anyway. :)

☺ delena gif hunt ☺

under the cut there are exactly #104 small HQ gifs of the ship delena. none of the gifs belong to me and all credit goes to the original owners. there shouldn't be any grey boxes or repeats, but sorry in advance if there are. please like/reblog if this was helpful!


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delena rewatch meme: [2/4] heartbreaking moments

Damon Season 5 Appreciation Week

- day 5 : Best Look.

What is the best way to educate young people? Experiential learning. I think what’s really exciting about that is that saying to young people: this is your world man, take it! take responsibility, become activated, power yourself with information and education. For me, reverence, gratitude, and compassion. If you have these three things, ocean destruction will cease. This is not a doom and gloom scenario, this is a story about hope, this is a story about saving our waters, our oceans, our seas. Just like so we all said, there is no green without blue.

otp challenge: [4/6] moments 

↳ "I wanted to dance with you today.."